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 About Dodmun

MUN is an educational simulation process that has as its goal to educate and familiarize students with the art of diplomacy, international relations, UN operation and at the same time tries to enrich the student’s critical thinking, public speaking, debating, researching and writing skills in an individual and team level, following specific rules and framework. The simulation doesn’t have solely political nature, since different committees, are dealing with different issues.

During the simulation the student is assigned with a specific country or NGO and has to represent this body, following the specific policies of that body. The delegates have to actively participate in their committees, presenting solid evidence, and arguments that will lead to a fruitful result. By the end of the process the delegates with the most accurate and active participation will be awarded with the best delegate certificate.

DODMUN, seeks to establish an annual MUN conference in Ioannina, Epirus, in an effort to apply modern teaching methods to the students of the county, but also expose them to different mentalities and act as a mediator, inviting other schools from all around Greece and Europe.

This Harvard style MUN Conference, will include for the year 2018 an Environmental, a Human Rights and a WHO committee, in an effort to enrich the current MUN topics.

The Secretariat of DODMUN will include:

A Secretary General

A Deputy Secretary General

A President of the General Assembly

A Deputy President

It is upon each member of the Secretariat’s responsibility, to prepare and monitor the specific committees. One singly topic will be addressed by the General Assembly and discussed during the specific session, during which the President of the General Assembly and the Deputy will be chairing, moderating the debate, following the rules of the DA committees.

DODMUN is a GREEN CONVENTION trying to promote sustainability. For that reason we will try to encourage all delegates to recycle and use sustainable practices throughout the convention. 


About Dodonea

Dodonea School is a relatively new school, founded in 1999, focusing on the effective training of the teenagers of Epirus. It is really important for them to receive the best training possible in order to smoothly enter the academic and work environment, exposing them at the same time to as many stimulations as possible.

The motto of the school is that “the sky is the limit” trying to inspire and motivate its students to a constant search for answers, which will be processed in a critical way. Each student is treated individually, recognizing the abilities but also the flaws of each individual and showing the way to improve oneself.

Our objective is not just assist students go through high-school, but gain the necessary skills and capabilities that will help them distinct in the future in whatever they choose to do. With a hand-picked educational and administrative team, we consistently over the past decades, witness our students excel, academically and professionally, and at the same time develop their talents in sports, music, and arts. The secret of our success is the great amount of time we dedicate into enhancing our student’s self-esteem, global and local awareness and abilities, adding to their personality.


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